Packaging Your Petals


For Dry Flowers:

You can simply place your petals into sandwich baggies. Since the petals are already dry, there is no need to put them into paper towels. If you are ordering several pieces and wish certain petals to be used in a certain piece, please place the petals in separate baggies and mark which item they are meant for. Please mark the outside of your bag with your name and the last four digits of your order number.

For Fresh Flowers:

It is best to ship fresh flowers before they have begun to wilt.  For all other fresh flowers, please click here.

***Please ensure that you have paid the adequate amount for shipping your petals. All packages that are received and still owe shipping will be sent back to you thus delaying your order progress. (referring to stamps on a heavy package) 

Download the Order Form PDF when you are ready to ship and send it with your petals.

Tips For Drying Your Petals

To dry your petals:

--The best method to dry your petals is to use a dehydrator This preserves the petal color best). Put petals on the trays being sure not to overlap them. Set the temperature to 115 degrees F. If you do not have access to a dehydrator, you can find other methods for drying below or you can ship your petals fresh for us to dry. 


--To air dry pluck the petals from the base of the flower and place on a paper towel, being careful not to overlap the petals. Let sit in a dry place out of direct sunlight for several days. (If you have a large amount of petals, I recommend placing the petals on a bath towel.)


--Microwave drying 

Pluck the petals from the base of the flower and place them between two paper towels, being careful not to overlap the petals. Place in microwave and heat for 20 second increments. You will notice the bottom paper towel will be moist so you must replace with a new, dry one. Repeat this step until your petals are crisp to the touch. You may want to let sit overnight in a dry place before packaging.


It is possible to overcook, and even burn your petals so be sure to stick with short time increments and check the petals at each stage. 


--Another method of air drying is to cut the stems of the flowers, leaving approximately 6 inches. Strip the stem of its leaves and tie them with string. Hang the flowers upside down in a cool, dry area away from sunlight.  This process can take 1-3 weeks depending on the type of flower.