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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the beads get wet?

Yes, the beads are very durable and can get wet without any problems!


How many petals are required for an item?

It really depends on the item but to get an idea, we can usually get around 60-70 beads from one rose. If you are wanting different colors for different items, it will require more petals. Small items such as rings and necklaces require around 5-6 rose size petals ( a few more if smaller). Feel free to ask us how many petals a certain item requires.


What is the processing time?

The processing time changes depending on our current orders. To get the best answer, contact us!


Do you do discounts for purchasing multiple items?

No, we do not give discounts for purchasing multiple items; our prices are already calculated to give you the best price we are able.

What are the color choices?

The color of your petals does not determine the color of your beads; they can be any color you wish! Some people like to match the color of their petals, while others like to do a lighter or darker contrasting color.  We can match any color in any shade! You can always send an example of your desired color along with your petals.


Can you customize a piece for me?

Yes, we can work together to create the item you are envisioning! 


Can I ship fresh flowers?

Yes, we have shipping instructions for both dry and fresh petals!


Can old dry petals be used?

Yes! We can use dried petals any age as long as they are not mildewed.


Rosaries, full beaded bracelets and loose beads are matte finish but with handling and use will develop a shine.  The more the beads are handled and touched, the more of a shine they will begin to have. This allows more petals to be used in each bead! 


All rings, pendants, small beaded bracelets, earrings, ornaments, and keychains are polished using a varnish or resin. This produces a high gloss shine. 


Shipping Rates

We ship USPS First Class for any orders under 1lb and USPS Priority for anything over 1lb

Shipping is free on order over $50.

0-0.5lb =$3.00

0.5-0.62lb =$3.50

0.62-0.812lb =$4.00

0.812-1lb =$4.50

1-2lbs =$6.75

2-3lbs =$7.75

3-4lbs =$8.00

4-5lbs =$8.50

5+lbs= $13.00

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