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About us:

Welcome to My Memories In Bloom! 

My name is Amelia, and I'm the founder of 'MMIB'.  I am a graduate

of Franciscan University where I majored in Early Childhood Education. I was a preschool teacher for two years before having a beautiful baby girl. I am blessed to be able to stay home with my (now) two daughters and  two sons! 

Michael, my wonderful husband, helps me with orders in the

evenings when our little babes are in bed!

How My Memories In Bloom began:

In 2014 I had just finished my second year of teaching and was 8 months pregnant with my first daughter. I knew I wanted to stay

home with my kids, but knew my loss of income would make our budget  tight for a while. I’ve always been very crafty and wanted to make an Etsy shop but just did not have any ideas for something unique. Fast forward a few months, my daughter was born and

she was a terrible sleeper. I had many, many late nights where I would just rock her in the silence. That is when I did my best thinking! One night at around 3 a.m. an idea "blossomed".  I couldn’t go back to

sleep and spent the rest of the night making a business plan to

pitch to my husband the next day.  After that, I spent several

months researching and practicing my craft until I was skilled enough to begin selling. 

I started my business by solely making rosaries under the name

Prayers With Memories. Since then, I have had a strong demand for jewelry and so I started a second Etsy shop under the name My Memories In Bloom. Michael inspired me to grow my business to a website in addition to Etsy.

What inspires me: 

At first, my business began as just a way to make some extra money doing something that I enjoyed.  It then began to bloom into a type

of ministry for me. A lot of people buying my products were sending flowers from funerals of their loved ones. Some would tell me the stories of who they lost and those stories really touched my heart. I love to pray for the families, for the souls, for the newlyweds, for the newborn babies. Wherever the flowers are coming from, they all

have a story and I love to offer up my work for those people.  A lot

of my ideas come from custom orders of people asking if I make

this or that.  I do my best to make whatever someone wishes.

What makes our product unique?

Years ago rosary beads were actually made from roses (hence the name). It is a process in which you make clay from the rose petals,

roll them into beads and let them dry.  This process requires a large quantity of rose petals and the beads tend to be quite fragile.

We use a different process in which I incorporate petals into clay.We can use any type of flower (not just roses) and only need handful of petals for a full rosary. The petals can be of any age; some people have sent petals from decades ago that they have saved. Our process allows you to chose your beads to be any color imaginable instead of the black bead the traditional process creates. Our beads are very durable and water resistant!

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